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Erofest 2023

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The international erotic trade fair Erofest, which recently took place in Prague at the PVA EXPO PRAHA exhibition center, was not only an exciting experience, but also meant an essential cooperation. Hot Peppers Club became one of the general partners of this prestigious fair, which created an unforgettable atmosphere full of sensuality and fun.


The Prague Erofest fair featured a wild scene full of naked ladies, famous porn stars and loud music spilling out of the main hall. Visitors enjoyed one erotic show after another, sometimes accompanied by the sound of whips. Thousands of people flocked to the fair, some looking to get a selfie with their favorite adult film star, others to add to their collection of erotic paraphernalia. Many others simply came for the fun of it, perhaps to see the cage where an occasional nude model appeared. Celebrities such as Daisy Lee, Kafuu of the OnlyFans platform and Rika Fane were ones of the main exhibitors. At the lectures you could meet the most famous Czech porn actor Robert Rosenberg, who was not absent this year. A man who portrayed the role of a horse and occasionally pulled a carriage in which visitors could take a ride also attracted a lot of attention.

This event combined elements of eroticism, fashion and lifestyle. The fair was aimed at individuals and couples of different ages who wanted to learn about the latest in the world of erotica. There were countless opportunities to see or even try out the latest erotic gadgets and innovations. The fair featured a rich program with lingerie shows, BDSM shows, striptease, competitions, acrobatic performances, Czech Erotic Awards, Hot Peppers Prague & Men4Queen show, Hot Peppers car wash, and a calendar launch.

The fair also included an evening afterparty with rich accompanying program in the Hot Peppers VIP zones, where our beautiful hostesses in bright dresses from the Poner studio took care of all guests.


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